I provide professional translating and interpreting services from English to Slovak language and vice versa. Besides standard English I also carry out specialized / technical texts translations such as operating instructions of various machines, instruments and devices, various guides, technical reports, meetings minutes, data sheets, various analyses, calculations, technical standards and documents but also business – related documents, business correspondence, etc. Specialized / Technical translations require not only thorough knowledge of both original and target languages but also the issue awareness. Therefore every text and associated terminology are consulted with appropriate experts. This is not an agency and I do all translations myself. So I communicate with a client directly without an intermediary. The following list comprises a brief overview of branches in which I have rich experience and some manuals I have translated:
  • Printing industry
    • rotogravure and flexographic printing machines, electrostatic printing assistance system, web tension setting, automatic dosing system, printing cylinder cutting machines, laser scribing and perforation device, finishing and smoothing machines and many others

  • Chemical industry
    • solvents residuals determination, distillation unit, coating systems, galvanic copper and chrome baths, degreasing units, gas chromatograph, mass spectrometer, etc.

  • Engineering / Electrical appliances
    • various pumps, electromagnetic positioners, pneumatic drivers, various valves, controllers, compressors, (non-) contact cleaning systems, measuring systems – manometer, digital coating thickness gauge, signal amplifier, power supplies and many others

  • Aviation
    • operations manuals, various documents for CAA, etc.

  • Construction machines
    • wheel loaders, backhoes, mini backhoes, fine grained concrete conveyors, various mixers, pumps for spraying of cement renders, wall coating and many others

  • Wood processing industry
    • machining centre and associated software
    • troubleshooting schedules
    • lacquering line

  • IT and software
    • inspection systems, bar code check, detection systems, CNC machines softwares, visualization systems and many others

  • Tourism
    • web pages, leaflets and other documents

  • Sport
    • IBSA World Championship in shooting
    • associated documents and correspondence, Badminton – Shuttle Time – Set of Badminton World Federation manuals for implementation of badminton into schools

All my translations include the full graphic work and layout of the original material.


In the field of interpreting, besides standard and business meetings, negotiations and various trainings, I also help customers in production industry by interpreting when various machines and equipment are put into operation, tested, etc. I always prepare for interpreting in advance by studying the associated terminology and technology when necessary for comprehension. The areas in which I have rich experience are listed above.
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