General English

Do you need English for travelling? Would you like to book a hotel abroad or a flight yourself? Do you need to get prepared for your English exams? You are at the right place then. English is undoubtedly a MUST skill today and this course will help you feel more confident.

General English courses are here for you to manage daily English conversation. They are suitable for all from beginners to those who need to improve their language skills and overcome the language barriers in everyday life.

The courses are available for all levels from elementary to advanced and are customized to your needs and requirements according to the existing level and end objectives. Whatever your aim is, the General English course will help you go further by equipping you with the language skills to work, study and travel in English speaking environment. You will feel more comfortable in these areas:
  • Everyday conversations
  • Small talks
  • Understanding English speaking people
  • Reading English texts, books and magazines
  • Handling phone calls
  • Writing informal letters, emails, etc.
The courses involve various modules covering the most common everyday situations like travelling, shopping, conversations in the bank or at the airport, etc. Each module develops your vocabulary and speaking skills and covers also some grammar practice and a lot of listening exercises. Each lesson is supported by a lot of miscellaneous materials (various books, magazines, recordings, videos, training tools, Internet resources, various news, etc.).
All the courses are highly flexible, provided as One-to-one courses or group classes and can be delivered at the time and place of your choice.

Contact me for more information or to apply for a course: / 00421 (0)907 477 763
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