Who I am

Mgr. Alžbeta Paločková

Mgr. Alžbeta Paločková

I am a fully qualified teacher / trainer with rich experience and an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) rater/examiner. I am a member of the ENG-NAV Test Service Provider team holding the licence TSP 001/2013 of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic. I am not just an experienced qualified teacher but first of all an enthusiast and one of those happy people whose work is his hobby.

I provide high quality English courses accredited by Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic (Accreditation number: 2861/2009/70/1). Besides General and Business English I concentrate on specialized Technical and Aviation English courses for professionals and prepare them for ICAO tests. See Courses. I test the Aviation personnel language proficiency internationally as well.

I also do translation work (from/to Slovak and English) and interpreting concentrating on specialized technically-oriented language. See Translations and Interpreting.

Work experience

I have been teaching English professionally for almost 19 years. After finishing my master's degree studies at university, where I studied English language and mathematics, I worked as a teacher at secondary grammar and technical schools. There I led the English language department and besides teaching I was responsible for preparing students for their final state exams and also tested them every year.

A photo taken next to a helicopterIn 2004 I started to run English courses for various companies and their employees ranging from hotel staff and managers to pilots and gas pipeline designers and did (mostly technical) translations and interpreting as well. For a couple of years I worked both at school and as a freelancer.

I began working for Slovak Air Navigation Services Provider as an English language trainer delivering language training to Air TrafficControllers and later for pilots and technicians taking care of communication and navigation devices and I am still in the business. To enhance my qualification I have participated at various courses abroad (See Certificates).

I became also an ICAO rater / examiner and I am licensed to rate / test aviation personnel language skills internationally. I am also a member of ENG-NAV TSP. Since 2005 I have been working as a freelancer providing English language training and testing services, translations and interpreting for various companies and I specialize in Aviation and technically - oriented language.

Why you should choose me

If you are looking for somebody who really understands his job, you are at the right place. If speaking English were enough to teach it or translate manuals all of us could be the teachers of our mother language or translate things mechanically. It is much more that this job requires. Besides thorough knowledge of the language and its mechanism, it is also a bit of psychology, a lot of patience, some talent, good communication skills but also desire and willingness to adapt and learn new things. It is not a job, it is a mission.
Therefore do not waste your precious time anymore and trust professionals.
  • My high qualification guarantees high quality work. See Certificates.
  • I do not forward the job to anybody else but do it myself.
  • I am highly flexible and can adapt very quickly to meet your needs.
  • You choose the place and time and I can travel to you and run courses there.
  • As I am also a mathematician, my way of thinking does not allow me to do anything without understanding it in detail so I always must understand the issue I teach or translate. Therefore I always work with the relevant professionals and discuss the problem, if necessary.
  • Life-long learning is an absolute matter of course for me so I always update my knowledge and skills.
  • I am eager to learn new things and I love new challenges.
Feel free to contact me and ask for more info.
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